Repairs and Restorations

Violin restoration and repair is both an art and a science. Understanding how a string instrument physically produces sound requires knowledge of math, acoustics, physics and chemistry.

Lance Bellamy - Luthier - Chesapeake -Violin - Cello - Cutting the purfling channel Using tools such as knives, gouges, scrapers and soundpost setters, and materials such as wood, glue and varnish, a violin maker (luthier) uses his scientific knowledge and physical skills to repair and restore instruments so that they play easily and produce the sound qualities desired by the player. In addition a luthier must be able to play an instrument well enough to test the success of his work.

My goal when repairing an instrument is to ensure that when the work is completed, the instrument is playing at its very best. Also, the style of the work must be consistent with that of the original maker, with the least amount of alteration to the original structure of the instrument. The utmost care is taken to preserve the original varnish and wood. This goal is the same whether the instrument is a fine older Italian violin or a modern student one.

If you have an instrument in need of restoration or a simple repair, please give me a call. We can set up an appointment where I will carefully look over the instrument and give you a printed detailed itemized list of necessary repairs, cost, and a time estimate for the work to be done. At that time you may leave the instrument in the shop or bring the instrument back when it is convenient for to have the work completed.


Amy Danielson - Violinist Virginia Symphony - I am extremely satisfied with the work Mr. Bellamy has done on both my violin and bow. His knowledge and skill in violin restoration and bow rehairing is very impressive.